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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too much coffee may result in random rants of, oh look! A kitten!

I'm still here. Haven't forgotten my favorite blog follower people. Is there a name for that? Something like blogollwers, maybe?

Anyway.. Life is still good. I've got some thoughts that I would like to ponder among my cyberspace shrink, but I'll have to sit and take some time to type it all out. Maybe in a day or so. 

But! For the time being (and while I'm helping to build my front porch today), how about something to ponder...

The concept of truth. The direct relation it has to life and the importance of always being aware of the repercussions if it is neglected or (for lack of a better term), ignored. 

Why do some people see it as a secondary choice? Narcissism? Arrogance? Lack of care? 

We see it so often in the media with all of these court followings, athletes with addictions to performance enhancing drugs, and ... Well... Everything. 

Causes? Effects? Pink rhinos stampeding a group of unicorns? Just making sure I haven't lost you. 

So. Truth. It'll set you free. Be true to yourself. Be true to those you love. Be true to your faith. 

Truth? You can't handle the truth!!! 
Don't know where that fits in, but I had to include it somewhere. 

Life's a garden, dig it. Keep on keeping on. 

Joe Dirt, out!