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Monday, October 31, 2011

Have You Seen My Zombie? The Finale

I felt as if my chest was going to burst open at any moment. I was overcome by the smell that invaded my nostrils. Decay.. a pungent, acidic sickening sweetness. I almost puked again.

My life was over. I was going to die by the gnashing teeth of a zombie. What the Hell had happened? Where had this been written in my book of life? How many people will suffer the same gruesome death as me? Will my child experience this fear? Her beautiful, angelic face flashed in my mind. I heard her heavenly voice as her laughter rang in my ears.

I felt a rumbling on my back and heard a gurgling sound in my ear. When the cold, thick liquid oozed down my cheek, I lost control of everything holding me to the planet. For the first time in the past few hours, I took a deep breath and it invigorated me. No pain.. no burning in my chest. I filled my lungs with blessed oxygen rich, southern air and my body and soul were refilled with life and the will to live. I was empowered.

As I pushed myself over and my right elbow connected with his skull, my left hand immediately began a frantic search for the pistol on my back. It took less time than I had expected. It was as if the 9mm and my hand were magnetized. It fit so well in my grasp. My thumb found the safety and as I pulled my arm around to make my move, Mr. Clean regained his marbles.

His face changed into a questionable sense of reasoning. It was almost surreal. When I pulled the trigger, we were both jolted into reality. The smell of gun powder and decay, the ringing in my ears, the sight of this monster falling away from me in defeat, the realization of what was happening... it was all so amazing.

I was jolted out of my fantasy world when the other sounds of labored breathing and gurgling echoed behind me. I turned to see the last three zombies less than 10 feet from me. In one motion I holstered my 9mm, lurched forward and fell with my hand on the Mossberg. As I settled my grasp on the stock, I pulled it to me and as I lifted the barrel, my finger found the trigger. I squeezed. BOOM! Flesh and bodily fluids were scattered into the air. This battle was almost over. I positioned for the next zombie, pumped the last shell into the barrel and pulled the
trigger. Only one more left. It was down to this. Just him.. and me.....

For dramatic effect..and because I've always seen it in the movies.. I grabbed the barrel end of the Mossberg and took a slugger stance. With every bit of strength, my mind wandered back to my softball days.. and as I entered my back swing, I gained a power from another world. I brought the stock of that shotgun level with his head. The force of the blow knocked the gun out of my hands and knocked the zombie almost into the tree line. He didn't move. He was still. At that point, I would loved to have had a bottle of Tylenol to toss at him... Cool points +10!

As I turned around, I assessed the situation..and the damage. I also realized that my hands were burning. Adrenaline is awesome..but the end result sucks. I dusted off my jeans..cleaned my shirt off as much as I could.. Made my way to the car.. and I held my head up. I looked up to the sky...took in the beauty of the night sky and all the glowing stars that were looking down on me. I took a deep breath of the cool night air and closed my eyes. Life is good.

I opened my eyes..and after the events of the night...knowing what I had experienced..and what I had overcome.

I had but one thought left. ....

There are a few more sips of wine left..