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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Batter up!

Let's see.. what do we have left to talk about? Hmmm...

So, I've told you about my wonderful husband, I've told you about my wonderful new dog..It's time to tell you about my amazing child and her talents as a ball player. Yes. Meet the next big thing in tball:

The Beast

Yes. There she is, folks. That's a number 7, by the way. Yes. She is the biggest, baddest thing that has happened to tball since ... .............. ok, so I'm lost for something witty to put there. Now, if we can just get her grown enough to fit into her jersey, we'll be doing great!

She is a hitter, she is a runner, she is a fielder (?is that the right word?) and she is a dug-out master. All season, she's been playing third base; however, from now until the end of the season (and through the end of tournaments) she will be playing 1st base.

Also, see that guy there putting the ball on the tee? That's the biggest, baddest tball coach that has happened to tball since... ok. .. This is obviously not working out well for me.
That coach happens to be her step-dad. And he has been the best coach/dad, ever.

Just look at that little ball player. Isn't that the cutest thing?

Yeah, in the beginning of the season, I had volunteered to help in the concession stands and what-not. But, somehow, I ended up with a coach's certificate (and a whole lot of medication).

I am so proud of her. Proud of the whole team. We won our first game! ... that's it. We won our first game. But, these kids have had a great time, and the coaches have enjoyed it, too. I've learned a lot about ball, parents and keeping my mouth shut. I may or may not have applied any of those lessons...but I've certainly learned a lot.

So, that's my bragging blog about my baby and her talents as a ball player. I'll let you know how the ending tournaments go.. and I'll make sure to post some awesome photos for you guys to enjoy.

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  1. So proud of Emily poo!. She does everything with ALL her heart! The other night she sung her songs for the end of the year school program. She sang, danced and signed the entire alphabet. Bless our hearts. Then today her cousin Kaley, went to get those horrible school shots. Emily knew this and made sure to let Aunt Christy know that she wanted to be with Kaley today. However, Emily had school. Bless buy both of these grand girls.. Cant wait to watch Emily tonight play her T ball game.. Kaley has her dancing recital later in June.. Another special time with such caring and talented young girls. Amanda, I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading another real soon. We are proud of you honey..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!