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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whew, boy!

What a day, what a day! Let me just use this space to catch you up on another life changing event, as well as fill you in on my day. Two birds, one big pile of bird poop.

So.. If you have been a follower, you know there's this cat. This annoying, arrogant, narcissistic, football-loving cat. And, we just so happen to be living in his home. He allows it only because he believes it's good karma.

Mr. Purrfect doing his yoga.

Ah, yes. He is such a respectable fellow. Very sophisticated and smart. And, if you ask him? He's better than anyone else around here. So! What do we do?

We treat him as the king he is. We spoil him rotten, because that's what we are supposed to do. We love him and respect him for about... oh... a year and a half.. then?..... We get a dog.

Marcel's Big Problem

Marcel has almost dis-owned us as living, breathing, creatures. We are now somewhere between the level of pond scum and belly button lint. So be it. WHO could resist this adorable, Mother Teresa of dogs?? Just look at it!


Just LOOK at this!

I mean, what in the world are we supposed to do with all of that cuteness!? Meet Minka. She is a boxer (the best boxer ever) and she is about a year old. This girl is amazing. You just wouldn't believe it. I mean... look...

So, anyway... we told Marcel we were getting a dog and he was not too thrilled. 

Yes. This is the glare of death.

Time goes on and Minka and Marcel learn to tolerate one another  Minka loves Marcel. Marcel; however, loves life without Minka. But, I guess there's a heart beating in that little furry body after all, because Marcel has finally learned that Minka is staying. Marcel is none too happy about this, but he deals with it. 


Why do these humans hate me so?

Soon, they become best buds. Well, sorta. They drink from the same water bowl, they actually share space on the rug (on opposite corners), they even have learned to annoy me in the same exact way...

Who needs privacy??

Anyway, today was a pretty messed up day. Poor Minka. She went through her first heat about two months ago and had what the Vet called a false pregnancy. Never heard it before, but if it can be dog will have it. So, she has had some problems here and there due to this little beauty, and this morning I was cleaning dog puke off of my floor at 6 a.m. Exxxxactly what I wanted to do first thing this morning. Then we went to the vet...then she came home and found a very nice puddle of something that resembles TAR and decided to roll around in it. So.. here's to you Mink! Hope you get to feeling better. We love you, and we hope you bounce back better than ever! 

..Marcel hopes you choke on a bone.

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  1. Aw, Minka and Marcel are both very sweet! Very cute photos and post! :)