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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back with a vengeance

So, yes- I will be finishing the blog challenge. I have only one day left, but I am still finishing it. I have found that if I don’t blog on a regular basis; random bits of “Auntie Thoughts” come out at random moments. While this isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it’s not really convenient.

I had a very dear friend email me this past week. We talk on a fairly regular basis, and we share things about life and the way we see things. We have a lot in common, and we think the same. Ooooo!!!! Yes! Someone else out there thinks like I do! Scary! I know.

Well, maybe we don’t have ALL the same thoughts.. but it’s close enough. Closer than most.

So, while catching up on family and work and holiday mumbo jumbo, the question was asked, “Why is it that some of us cannot stop fighting for the truth to come out, no matter how insignificant it is?” So, I am going to answer that question in the form of a …. You guessed it!.. BLOG!

There really isn’t any background needed for this question to be answered. I believe you all know what the basis was for this thought. I would like to think that you all have human to human interactions on a fairly regular basis. ..and if that’s the case, you all know what I’m talking about.

These are my thoughts… Mine. Doesn’t make them right, doesn’t make them the rules, just makes them mine.

People are in a constant battle. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, how you were raised, or what you’re dealing with; you want to be right about something. Doesn’t matter what it is. You want to feel that the decision you’ve made or the way you’re handling a situation is right. No one likes to be wrong. So take that and let’s meld it into another area of the psyche…

“I told you so!”

Doesn’t that feel good? “I told you so.” When we are faced with an obstacle (doesn’t matter what it is- it can be a problem at work, an idiot who thinks they know it all, the dog pooping on the carpet, a family dysfunction)… whatever the obstacle is; we are going to pick an area that we believe is the right spot, and go with it.

“Well, Mr. Smith, it’s not my fault the machine exploded and created a whole in the Earth the size of Mt. Everest. I told Larry that those measurements were not correct.”

“Cops are the chosen ones. They are no fault, heroes of society. They walk with a big stick and rule with an iron fist; and they deserve respect! Each and every one of them!!....Even that one with the white powder on his upper lip.”

“Honey! Your dog pooped on the rug again. Maybe you should take him for more training. If he does it again, I’m putting him outside!”

“Aunt Freda isn’t coming for Christmas dinner. She isn’t comfortable with the dog pooping on the carpet. I told you he needed more training.”

This is my side, and I’m sticking to it. Oh! And while we’re at it.. don’t you dare come at me with another idea. This is the way it is; and that’s that!

But, what happens when the way we see things and the way we believe them to be; really aren’t the way they are? What then? No one likes to be wrong. No one likes to be challenged in a belief that they have created or studied to be true. So, what happens?


Each and every microscopic point will come out. People will grab things from Jupiter and pull them here to defend what they are saying. Just to prove you wrong. They will do whatever they can to make sure you know they are right!

“Well, Mr. Smith, you see… after searching for hours and hours on Wikipedia, I finally found the right equation for the project. Bob said they weren’t right, but Wikipedia has never let me down before! It’s not my fault!”

“That cop was just testing the powder to make sure it wasn’t sugar… you know, to make sure innocent people were being carted off to prison.”

“The cat did it.”

“Good. Aunt Freda complains about everything and smells like preparation H anyway. Merry Christmas!”

So, what happens next is the kicker.. remember what I said about things not always being as they seem? That’s where pride gets hurt. But, if you know you’re right, and you know it for a fact… regardless of what it may mean to anyone else, it has to come out. If it doesn’t? You’re going to just explode. And, that’s a mess to clean up!

“Mr. Smith, I’m sorry. That day wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I should have listened to Bob, he seems to be right 100% of the time. I just had a really hard time concentrating that day. I borrowed some sugar from my neighbor the night before, but I think something was wrong with it. I’ve been meaning to tell him about it, but the PD has him on nights this month.”


“The vet said Fido has a medical condition with uncontrollable bowels and a lose anus muscle. It’s gonna cost $1,500 for the surgery to repair it. Poor Fido. Call that cop friend of yours and see if he needs us to haul some sugar for him. We need some extra money.”

“Aunt Freda is having a difficult time dealing with Uncle Fred being shot last year by that wacked out police officer, and she just can’t bring herself to attend family gatherings just yet. Here’s a card from her that says ‘Merry Christmas’, and a check for $500.”


Really!? Nah.. it’s not always like that.. but I hope you get my point.
My point is: Doesn’t matter what you think about a situation, it’ll never be as descriptive as the truth. Why? Because it isn’t your situation and people are individualized for a reason. Plus, people are really great at hiding things..especially if they mean something.

I don’t really have any advice on the situation… it’s life. We live and learn. ..and do the best we can with what we have. Just remember, the truth is always out there.. Fight for it, or let it go. Your choice.

Oh!.. and Don’t Do Drugs!


  1. Mmmmmkkkkkaaaaayyyyy!!! I have learned something this week. It's one if those things you have always known, but never wanted to believe. Some people get fixed in their beliefs, so fixed infact that even when they know they are wrong, they still won't change their belief. I was taught in college that there are no winners or losers without direct confrontation. I have decided that is not always true. Sometimes to win, you just have to put down your sword and walk away.

    Your thoughts, as always are very insightful. Thank you for posting!

  2. So true Mandie, and loved Jamboi´s comment also "sometimes to win, you just have to walk away".
    Keep blogging baby!!