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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 30

Day 30: A picture of you today and 20 goals you want to accomplish.

I guess this is the end... I've finally hit day 30! I can say that this challenge has been fun. It has caused me to think some days, it has been very challenging at points, it has allowed me to share some of my deepest thoughts with you and I am so glad that I decided to follow it.

So, to end this thing up... let's get on with the 20 goals I want to accomplish. Whew.. this is gonna be fun.

1- I want to continue blogging on a regular basis. It gives me something to do and is an outlet for me. I really enjoy it.
2- It is time to get my body prepared for life. I know, I'm a little late.. but better late than never, right!? I am setting a goal to get every way possible.
3- I want to control the way I think about things so deeply, sometimes. You all know how I feel about that..and how it bothers me sometimes that I think so much about something. I am getting better, I think. Still have a long way to go.
4- I want to learn to play the guitar.
5- I want to be a better mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, girlfriend, cousin... you get the idea. I just want to be a better person all together.
6- I want to learn to let people be what they are going to be, and not let it affect me.
7- I want to be debt free. I was there once, time to do it again.
8- I want a dog.
9- I want to retire one day..with enough money to be comfortable.
10- I want to live to be OLD.
11- At this point, I have a goal to finish this list, because it's more difficult than it looks.
12- I want to be able to just write one day for a living (maybe after I accomplish #9).
13- I want some jewelry. I seemed to have lost mine. So, I have a goal to get it all back one day. know what? I’m not sure 20 goals are that big of a deal. How about ONE goal? … I want to live today like it’s the best gift I’ve ever been given. Because it is. I want to smile, laugh and love. Today. If I am blessed with another day tomorrow, I believe I will do the same. All of the extra things in life that I plan on accomplishing are just icing on the cake. So, with that.. I conclude my 30 day blog challenge. In case you’re wondering: I started the challenge on September 23rd. So, this 30 day blog challenge has only taken me 74 days or so…
I think that’s progress, don’t you?

OH!.. I’m supposed to post a picture of me today.. Here ya go:


  1. Better late than never AA, and you did it with style and flair! I am going to go ahead and clap for you, especially since the fruit loops in my office will freak out about it. Standing ovation!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you very much! *taking a bow*

  3. The best news is that your headed upward and not outward. Now take that as a compliment sugar britches! Mama loves you very much..Your special and getting even more special each day..Hold that chin up and put your shoulders to the wheel baby! A mind and body is a terrible thing to waste..Believe me I can say this with conviction!
    Bless you and all that you set out to do and do it with all your might~!! See you soon honey bun..MAMA