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Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthdays, Bama and Stereotypes. Yep! This is Auntie's World.

Happy Birthd..

I know, I know.. I'll let you finish singing it.

go ahead...


Well.......... anyway. I am another year older today *cheering from the crowd* and I feel it! Boy, do I feel it!? This aging gracefully thing is really taking a lot out of me. I don't know how much longer I can make it look good... but I'm dang sure gonna give it my best!

So, what's on Auntie's mind today? ... hmmm.... let's see.. how about stereotypes and the reason we have them. That sounds random enough, doesn't it?

Well, let me just set the tone here; for those of you who are blind or have comprehension problems...I am an Alabama fan. .. through and through. If you were unaware, I am sorry you have been left out, seek medical attention immediately.

I do not get offended when people talk about a "bandwagon" because I know that I do not fit into that classification. I have been an Alabama fan going on eleven years now. No, I was not born into it. No, I did not graduate college from the University of Alabama (we can't all be perfect). No, none of my family were/are die hard Bama fans.

My story goes like this: About eleven years ago, I decided I wanted to join in the fun of college football. I met my ex-husband at the time and it seemed as if everything centered around football, Nascar and hunting (yep, he was a winner). Football has always been fun.. so I figured if I was gonna do it, I wanted to do it right.

I'm one of those people who likes to research things. I enjoy learning everything I can about something (that way I can talk about it if it comes up in conversation). Plus, if I am going to call myself a "fan" of something, I think it would be pretty dang important to know a little bit about it, right?

Yes, my ex-husband is an Alabama fan. And, yes, that may have a lot to do with how I got so involved with the Tide.. but I am also my own person, and ask anyone who knows me; if I want to do something, or if I need to make a decision about something.. I will. And, it will be out of my own mind what I choose.

So, I took it upon myself to do some research about Bama. .. at the time, I also considered Ole Miss, Mississippi State and (believe it or not) LSU. I looked heavily into all of those teams.. I knew I wanted to stay with an SEC team. That was no question. But, as I started to look at the history and tradition of those specific schools, I couldn't help but absolutely fall in love with Alabama! At the time Mike DuBose was the head coach and he was alright... I don't think he was as passionate of a coach as Alabama needed.

We were also in the middle of a recruitment probation issue because of some crazy accusations of making monetary offers to players here and there under the table so they would come play for Bama... or some blah, blah, blah...( you know, something that happens quite often in the NCAA Football world...). Anyway.. I fell in love with the school, the tradition and believe it or not, the academics of the University. So, the seed was planted. ..and I took great care of it.. and it grew into this massive tumor that has completely engulfed me.

I can't help it. It's like it gets into your blood and there's nothing you can do about it. I can't tell you how SILLY it is that I get soooo riled up about Alabama football.. but I can't help it! I can't stop it! I honestly don't know what happens...

But, anyway... Let me just take this opportunity to also voice how I absolutely abhor the stereotype of Alabama fans. ..and yes, I can honestly say that we get that stereotype because of a majority of IDIOTS that think they can act like pigs then say "Roll Tide!" I don't think they're cool.. I don't approve of them... but there are gonna be some everywhere you go. Can't help it.

But, I'm gonna tell you one dang thing.. Not every Bama fan is an ass. Not every Bama fan is a "redneck." Not every Bama fan wants to poison trees and teabag people while they're passed out. You better believe I wanna rub your face in the fact that we now have 14 National Titles... why? Because Bama fans are some of the most hated fans on the planet! But, you know what? .. My team IS better than your team! Stop whining.

And, stop calling me "white trash" and all of the other colorful names you find appealing... I have my teeth. I have my pride. And, I have a team that I am proud of. If you wanna do something with your lips... I suggest you pucker up and kiss every last one of those National Championship rings!.. All 14 of them. ..because face it, that's the closest you'll ever get to one! ... Much less 14!



  1. Passion that is the word.I rather be proud that my daughter has passion than for her to be called a silly name like,"white trash". She has more than teeth in her head! She actually has a brain in her head. Just a thought..had we named you Bamanda that would have fit too..LOVE YOU! GO Bamanda~!

    1. You made me giggle. I love you, Mom.!