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Friday, January 13, 2012

My 100th Post!!!!

Oh my GOSH! This is my 100th blog post! *fireworks, cannons, cheers, confetti* I am so tickled that I found blogspot and that I have continued to post as I have. Over the past year, I have come to know many interesting and wonderful people. Not just through here, but from other aspects of life and such.

Today, I want to cover a very special idea... one that's close to my heart. I had a friend post a thought on Facebook a while back, and I told her that I was going to use it for a blog one day. Well, that day has arrived! So, your goodie for the day is this:

 Blessings are like glitter; they fall gently around us. You don't always see them until you look from a different perspective.

Yeah... how about that!? ..and by the way; I hate glitter. I am so anti-glitter it's not even funny. I hate glitter so much that when I am around it, it doesn't even stick to me because it is aware of how much I hate it. haaaa... Nah, I don't hate glitter to that point. Glitter is fun. It's pretty. I just don't like to have it on anything I own. It makes a mess.

BUT! For the sake of this blog, we will accept glitter for how pretty it is.. and blessings for how abundant they are.

There are so many things that have fallen (like glitter) ever so gently around us. Sometimes, they land on our shoulder, sometimes in front of us... behind us.. Some are so obvious. . then there are those that we catch out of our peripheral vision. Some that, a week down the road we see because they chose the perfect cranny to fall into.

They are there. Even if we never see them... they are still there and they are still ours. How awesome is that!?

Today I want to voice my gratitude for some specific blessings in my life. ..then I will let you reflect on some of yours:

Michael- You are so special to me. I can honestly say, I had no idea you were coming into my life...It was a surprise, and a blessing in so many ways. You were a cannon of glitter! Or... maybe you were an asteroid of glitter... You get the idea ;)

Emily- My precious little girl, my life is complete because of you. I could never want for anymore than what I have from you and because of you. I love you to the moon and back. You're my starry sky full of glitter. My endless sparkling ocean.

My Family- How amazing is it to have everything you need in one group of people. Love, support, cheerleaders, prayer warriors, friends and a lifetime of smiles and laughter. You are the continuous sprinkles. I can find a sparkle one day, then the next there's five of you suckers. I love it!

To my closest friends.. You know who you are.. if you're wondering "is she talking about me?" then you can guarantee I am. You know exactly who you are. Yes.. You! Thank you for always answering my emails and messages when I'm down. I know I don't always check in with you as I should, and I know that it seems as if sometimes I only ask you for advice, but have no doubt; you're my wave of glitter.
You're always there, but when there's times that I feel as though I need some help, you pick me up and carry me to safer territory. Thank you. It means so much to have people in my life that I can say that about.

alright... I could sit here and do this all day long. There are so many people I would love to address. But, I have things to do, and I know you don't want to sit and read what I have to say all day long (if I'm wrong and you do, please let me know..send some money... that way I can write my books and get them published).

hehe... Glitter...