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Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!!

It's official! We have a winner!

You know, maybe people just didn't like my prize... or maybe they didn't like the question.. but I was really thinking that I would get more comments than I did. I may do a small pout about it, then get over it really quick and post another Giveaway.

Who knows!?

Anywhoo... I have confided in my dear friends at for help in choosing a winner, and here it is:

Comment #6:
The government has a secret facility in Southern Mississippi. They have been hiding living aliens there for years. It is actually an interstellar space port. They use humans for food and after they digest us, they use their feces for fuel to fly between the stars. These aliens have powers far beyond anything we have ever seen before. They promised the American Government all the power and riches they could ever imagine as long as they could gather fuel for their ships. In the name of greet and power we (the people) have been traded to the aliens for use as they see fit. Don't tell them I told you this..... no one was supposed to know. This was such a good idea I had to make it into a blog.

So, congrats to you! You are the proud new owner of this interesting little bit of fun. Now, it's your job to help me figure out how to get it to you. Hey! I've done my part; time for you to work a little bit!

And, thank you all who participated. You don't know how fun this is for me! :) Bookmark me and get back here regularly! I got some good stuff to give away. 

Happy Friday! :) 

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