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Friday, March 9, 2012

Size Matters

It really does! For example.. I am going to do a small giveaway. Not a big one. A small one. But, hey! In the tough economic times we're living in, anything free is great, right? Plus, this will be a great way for me to say "Thanks" for being such loyal readers, and maybe even spark a few more while I'm at it.

So, this is how it's gonna go: In the next few days, I am going to post a giveaway (so make sure you check in with me). I'll explain what prize you're competing for, along with a picture of it..then, I will post a random question, and you will leave a comment on my blog with your answer. I'll set a specific cutoff time and date the contest will end, then I will use my lovely friends at to help me choose a winner based on how many comments I receive.

I will post the winner, then we'll exchange contact information and all of that beautiful stuff. So, you can comment as 'Anonymous' if you would like, that's no problem. I will post the winning comment in a'll just have to give me a little heads up if it's you. Yeah, I know that's not exactly fair, but hey.. nothing in life really is.

That's also why I'm not giving away a new car or $1.3 Million dollars. See? Size matters!

Stay tuned! :)

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