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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For you.

Every single person we meet plays a role in the drama of our life. It's an epic tale of so many different genres. I can remember key parts of my life, and the situations that I have been in. They all surround certain people that I will never forget; for one reason or the other. All of these experiences join together to form this amazing thing called: Life.

Good or bad. Happy or sad. Easy or hard. Detailed or just plain and simple.

Do you know what I was thinking the other day?... I'm sure you don't... but I'm going to tell you, regardless.

Out of all the things we do. All the decisions we make. All the people we encounter... What is the ultimate goal/reward/outcome/hope?

Happiness. Pure... happiness.

I just wanted to share this with you.. I wanted to you know that it's worth every fiber in your soul to reach for it. It's there. No matter what situation you are dealing with right now, happiness is in your future. But, you have to shape yourself. You have to react to things and take the road that may be clouded..

I have found my pure happiness. It's something that can never be mistaken. I'm not saying that I have entered into a euphoric state of being for the rest of my life. But- I have found that, which makes me happy when all else around me is bad. My heart is encased with it.

For the past four and a half years, I have understood what unconditional love is. My child has opened my eyes to something that I never knew existed; before her.

Six months ago, my eyes were opened again.

Out of all the attempts to find happiness and to attain that level of pure joy with another soul; I finally have been blessed. I am so, exceedingly lucky. Life hasn't stopped being difficult. I haven't won the lottery.. I haven't learned how to tip-toe around people so that I don't hurt their feelings.. That's not what it's about. I have found that one thing that makes the rest of my life experiences bearable. That one thing that brings me back to "me" when I lose my way. It's like a magnet. I can gravitate away from it, but I always end up back where I belong.

You can call it love. And yes... I call it that, too. But it's something far deeper than love. I have found rest in someone. A place my soul can relax and be free. No barriers. No false hope. No facades. Just pure, untouched happiness.

He makes me a better person; because the things that I need to work on (my personality flaws) are slowly melding into something that resembles acceptance and ease. He has shown me what it means to be pure and open.

I have never been more understood than I am now. I'm sure he would tell you that I'm a puzzle. But he just does not understand exactly how much I have needed him. Just him. Just his love and the way he sees me.

I needed to let someone know about it. I needed to help someone understand that there is a place out there that you belong. ...

I know...because I'm there.

I love you, Michael.