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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just. Like. Me.

Wouldn't it just suck if we were all the same? I thought about this picture (after I laughed like crazy for a little while). I am so thankful for individuality. There is plenty enough competition in life already. I don't want to be like the next gal. I want to be myself. Different. Set apart.

I've been watching that new series on TNT; Falling Skies. I sure hope that there isn't an alien society somewhere with a poster like that of me. But then again, the "intelligent life" title would have to be revoked. No planet should have more than one of me. That's just a wreck in effect.

I have enough trouble keeping up with myself! I can't imagine more than one of me (even though it would be a nice trick in some situations). OH! That reminds me! I was asked this question: If you could be invisible for one hour, what would you do? (And don't ask how I drew a line between those two ideas).

I didn't put too much thought into the answer before I started laughing. ... but I would use my hour to confuse the HECK out of people. Couldn't you just see it? Driving around town... invisible. Riding a bike... invisible. Sitting on a park bench with an air horn, waiting for someone to walk by... invisible. Go sit in the White House and act like President for a day... invisib.. wait, that's already been done.

I don't think I could do all I wanted in just an hour. There are WAY too many laughs to be had with that one!

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