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Monday, July 25, 2011

Watch where you put your wenis

What in the world is the deal with the elbow? I mean really. Let's talk about this.

I didn't, until recently, know that there was a name for the skin that covers the elbow. It's known as the "Wenis" (Insert laughter here). Well, how odd is this body part? You can't really feel it when something happens to it. You can pull that skin and twist it, bite it and contort it beyond reason. No pain.

Haul off and bump that bad boy on the corner of a desk and you'll know it (as well as everyone else around you). It's NOT funny, my friend. It's painful. Who named this the "funny" bone? Must have been a smart one! I mean, I get it.. it's the distal end of the Humerus bone.. so yes.. I understand. Humerus = Funny. Got it.
But dang it! That's not funny!

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