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Friday, July 22, 2011

Life. Or Something Like It..(Part 2)

I had a pretty good reaction to the first post.. so here are a few more. I found an amazing site that has these and I had to share the ones that made me laugh. So, these aren't mine. But man, they are spot on!

1. Put bread in toaster- Not toasted. Put bread in toaster again- Charcoal.
2. Laying in bed texting, drop the phone on your face.
3. Can't find mouse cursor on the screen. Violently attack mouse.
4. Phone has low battery.. phone has enough battery to remind you every three minutes.
5. 15,000 tabs open. Can't figure out which on the sound is coming from.

Ok.. reading that website: 2 things happened. #1- I almost passed out from lack of oxygen due to laughing and #2- I was inspired to try it myself. So, here are some of my original thoughts in a similar format.

1. Someone sends you a text, you call them- No answer. Two seconds after you hang up, you get a text from them.
2. Yawn + Hiccup. Enough said.
3. Good sugar from your sweet doggie. Doggie licks his butt.
4. Eat popcorn. Spend the rest of the day finding kernels in your teeth.
5. Try to make funny one-liners. Not funny.

Ok.. so that didn't work out as well as I had planned. But, hey! It gave me something to do for a little while. Which means, I now have to get back to work and play catch up.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with lots of laughs and priceless memories! Or, for those of you who would rather NOT remember this time in your life... drink up!

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