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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of Men And Mouses

Anytime I think of Man/Mouse, my mind instantly resorts to the Tom & Jerry episode where Jerry's nephew, Nibbles, asks himself: "Are you a man, or a mouse? You are a Mouse!" This little dude was fierce. Ever thought about that? Ever thought about mice, or chihuahuas or other smaller entities that have practically no fear? They think they are the biggest, baddest things on the Planet! Kids are the same way (the small humans, not the baby goats).

What are we dealing with here? Is it the self deluded idea that they are the world's greatest ninjas? Is it optimism? Is it naivety? Or is it a subconscious need to self mutilate? Think about this little guy. Watch that cartoon! He doesn't care! Who has the problem with his "no fear" attitude? Uncle Jerry, that's who! Heck! one point, he even captivates Tom's disbelief for a moment. Tom can NOT figure out what this little kid mouse is doing; just marching up to him and calling "attack!"

The element of surprise is very useful in some situations. But, bravery should not be overlooked. Nibbles actually THINKS he has a chance to whoop Jerry's butt!
Yeah, maybe I'm bored.. I'm blogging about a Tom & Jerry cartoon... I'm picking apart a child's show. But.. I think there's something to be said for those smaller bad boys. The ones who have no fear, regardless of the reason (or maybe I just wanted a reason to post this cute picture).

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