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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back from outer space

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away...

What a weekend! We really need more of those 3 day weekend things. I sure did enjoy not having to get up and go to work Monday. Tuesday made up for it, though. I think Tuesday got revenge because it took offense for having to stand in for "Monday" while it was out, enjoying the Holiday.
Tuesday has never really acted like that. I don't know what's wrong with it. It must have had a bad weekend.

I, however; had a great weekend! I tell you what... plans don't mean a darn thing unless you have someone to enjoy them with. The people in my life are the BEST!

          B                 E                  S                 T

But hey... I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoyed this past weekend. I do want to recognize those who didn't have the opportunity to enjoy it with the ones they love the most. Thank you to all of our service men and women who are out there. And, to their families for being so loving and patient.

For the random thought in this here blog.. How about this? I have had the WORST time remembering things today. I mean, usually my memory is botched anyway, but today has been horrible! It took me a few hours to remember if I was 31 or 32 years old. I finally gave up and did the math based on the year. I'm still not sure if I believe me. My math skills aren't that great. ... I don't WANT to be older than I am, but I swear I've already lived through my 31st year. ...I refuse to argue with myself.. or with Math. So.. 31 it is!


My other brain fart happened when I was ...... .. .... ......dang it!!!! You're not gonna believe this...but I can't remember the other example I was gonna use. I am NOT making this stuff up, I swear.

I give up. More later. ... if I remember to log in...

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