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Friday, June 24, 2011

Nay-Sayers, Say "Nay!"

Nay-Sayers, Say "Nay!"
Really? At the start of every day?
There's a part of life that goes away
When Nay-Sayers, Say "Nay!"

Why don't they enjoy play?
Those Nay-Sayers who say "Nay!"
Life is too short to go on that way
to be a Nay-Sayer who says "Nay!"

I won't conform and I won't sway
into a Nay-Sayer who says "Nay!"
For I am happy, and I like it that way
So, Nay-Sayers, say "Nay!"

Yesterday I said "Hey!"
To a Nay-Sayer who said "Nay!"
He walked on with his hay
I realized he really said "Neigh!"

Ha! I just made that up. Down with negative people! Booo!!! There's too many good days in life to be a poopy-head. Yes.. I said "poopy-head" so what? Today is FRIDAY!!! Woot!! Hopefully I won't need my red button today, but just in case; I checked to make sure it was still there this morning. All is well!

Got this picture from my best pal...obviously, I'm not the only one who has a need for the Red Button!

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