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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well.. Hello there

This is a test.. this is only a test.. If this were a real emergency, your computer would be emitting an awful alarm and you would have 15 seconds to find the nearest exit before your chair turned into an ejection seat.
Please remember to take note of the red button located directly beneath your keyboard. This button will launch the counter attack of trained monkeys to help neutralize the situation if it were to escalate into something more than you, alone, can handle.

Now that we have a mutual understanding, I will get to the point of this blog.

I have a great need for random, pointless writing. Sometimes what runs through my head is, somewhat, useful..but for the most part, you can guarantee that reading my blogs will be a total waste of time. But hey!.. Who doesn't have time to sit and stare at a computer screen for a while? Go ahead and plant you some crops on your farm...or go attack another Mob family.. then get back here and fill your head with useless babble until it's time for the next task. Make sure you go ahead and subscribe to me so that you won't miss anything inherently important at any given moment. Sometimes I do have monumental breakthroughs. I wouldn't want you to miss those rare and imperviously phenomenal events.

So.. without any further adieu.. Welcome to my blogspot. Grab you a glass of sweet tea, pull you up a chair and sit a spell. This is gonna be a fun one. You don't wanna miss it!


  1. Well this is different. I do have a glass of sweet tea and it is nice and cool in here so let her rip.

  2. HAHA. - Blog away!

  3. I took some new pain medicine and Im somewhat stoned or wasted or wipeout..etc. Bet I will be out of it and not responsive.. LOL's NOT~ Its hard to type now which is like patting your head and rubbing your stomack at the sametime.. Overlook my dots....... For any of you out there that have a daily struggle with muscles spasms and trigger points..just chime in anytime. Its hard to have a body that is for ever letting me know that I's hard to accept it. When I was growing up all that was at my house was milk of magnesia or laxatives. Often we would put something orange on a cut. I think that was miqueracom..HA! Who in the world know how to spell this let me know.. too funny. Once in a great while dad would take a teaspoon and twist cotton on the end and then dip this in the orange looking liquid. He would then say open your mouth real BIG..AHHHHHH.. I would almost throw up while he rubbed this on my tonsils. Think is helped. who knows. Also, when we had a bad tummy ache mom would give us some paragarick which is misspelled I'm certain. Oh well enough of my reminising..OOPS another misspelled word. Sorry every time I try to type a letter I am still struggling while on this medicine for pain..Guess it would help if I would just get woke up. Maybe I need some c o f f e e ..Think that is spelled right..Hope the next time I'm on this post of a thing, I will be awake..TTFN

  4. Hey Amanda..who feeds those fish out beside this post?

  5. How about a moscato and some styx?

  6. Mom.. You are HILARIOUS! I think there is a rule that the comments can't be funnier than the blog content... Please let this be a warning for you! :) And, the fish? .. well.. please feel free to feed them when you come by. I'm sure they will appreciate the attention.

    Adrianne.. Absolutely! Mr. Roboto it is! ;)