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Friday, June 3, 2011

There is always a Prequel

So, the story before the story. Right?
Lately, life has been proving that time in the bullpen is detrimental to success.
Getting ready for the game. Warming up. Preparing.

We spend moments in our life thinking of how we can better ourselves. Thinking of how we can prepare for the next obstacle. "Maybe if I do it this way.." We spend time getting our strategy in place and making sure we have a backup plan for our backup plan. And? For the majority of the time.. We are right. If we aren't?.. We somehow make it work. We improvise! That's what makes us better than those Geico guys.

But.. what happens when the outside force of life has obviously spent more time in the bullpen than you? I've heard that anything good is worth fighting for. My question is.. If we fight.. and we give it our all. Nothing held back. And still lose... should it still be considered a success?

I believe that the outcome of a situation is only part of the equation. I believe in the dance. In the idea that how we deal with situations are a direct result of our character. Regardless of the outcome. Don't get me wrong. ...Results play the ultimate role in our lives. They tell us how we should step next. Which direction we should avoid. But! There is so much to be learned between the initial step and the bow out.

My life has been so good. Crazy and intriguing. But oh so good! I have been so blessed.
Lately.. I have been dealing with things that have been a bit over the top (for me, anyway). You know.. situations are always the worst when they are YOUR situations. But, we always need to remember how fortunate we are that things aren't any worse.

Writing is a great stress relief for me. I enjoy putting my thoughts out there for people to see. Maybe I can help people realize that they aren't crazy after all!.. Look what you have to compare your sanity to!.. ha!
I plan on making this blogspot a place of laughter and inspiration. A place that you can come to, and leave with a smile. Or maybe even a small thought in your head for the day.

I hope you all can enjoy my little piece of the world. Words abound in my head...I just have to figure out the best way to get them all out without making myself look like a certified looney.

Oh look!.. a chicken! ...

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