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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Have You Seen My Zombie? Part Four

I had a temporary problem with paralysis. I think the gravity of this situation finally hit me. Not only was I in a fight for my life..but there were ZOMBIES coming after me. What the heck!? The things that horror movies are made of were real!? When did that happen? How? Why am I just standing here when I should be running? Why am I trying to run when I have a weapon in my hands? Too many questions...not enough lead flying.

I stepped around the other end of the porch and slid to the ground through the space in the hand rails. I needed to get a bit more distance between the army of the dead and myself. Time to take a deep breath and gather my thoughts. Jesus, my chest hurt! Concentrate, Auntie! My ADHD was giving me hell.

The plan was simple. I was going to run around the opposite end of the house into the back yard where the car was parked. Once I saw that everything was clear..I would get into the car and be home free! Right? Well, obviously I am telling this story for a reason..and as every good story needs I can't end it that easy.

I positioned myself at the corner of the house and peeked around to see what I would have to deal with. I could hear the herd in the back part of my mind. ..or I had hoped it was my mind. I scanned the back yard and couldn't see anything. It was still dark and my vision was distorted from the fear and pain. I blinked a few times and squinted. I scanned every inch of the back yard one more time then I slowly stepped into the tree line.

Keeping my back to the tree line was the best idea I had at the moment. All of the 'problems' would be coming around the corner of the house in seconds. I scanned once more and then decided to sprint to the car. It was only about twenty I could make that without a problem. I could see the tail lights of the car and my heart began to pound. I started sprinting. About the fourth step, I realized that this rib and hip problem was a bit more of a hindrance than I had expected. I didn't calculate the pain that would erupt once my body was gunning for the car. A small gasp left my lungs and the sound that came from my lips reminded me of a kitten looking for its mother. I started to feel dizzy and I staggered for a moment before I completely fell to the ground. I caught myself on my hands and shotgun fell to the right of me. There was so much saliva in my mouth I could make a small fish pond. The tightness in my throat began and the cold sweat beaded on my forehead..something told me that this wasn't the best time to get sick...I just had no control. Maybe I should have let the wine rest just for tonight??.. I hurled so violently that I swear I heard another rib crack..and the sharp pain in my chest almost tore a shrill cry from my lips. Then I heard it.

The deep growl and the echo of several more with it. It was NOT in the back of my mind. It was in my back yard. And it was coming for me. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and reached for the gun with one quick motion. The sound of a limb cracking behind my left ear told me that I had waited too long to get myself up and out of there. I spun around and rested my weight on my back. They were here. My mind raced with my heart and my adrenaline kicked into overdrive. I rolled over and once my foot hit the ground, I was running. But what was I doing? I have guns..why just let them live?

I reached my right hand behind my back and in one swift motion, I clicked the safety and swung my pistol in front of my chest in the COOLEST Angelina motion you've ever seen! POP! POP! POP! I hit one zombie. He fell... and I realized that it's not so easy to shoot with one hand while under pressure. Those kind of things never cross your mind when you're just out practicing.. Also... my ears were ringing like an alarm clock. At that moment, I realized that I would have a better chance with the shotgun...I just didn't have enough ammo to clear out the whole herd. Safety latched, pistol holstered in the hem of my jeans...enter Mr. Mossberg! I stepped to the left and planted my feet. I counted 5 zombies. They were all in a maybe they were close enough that I could spray amongst them all and get lucky. BANG! ... OBSCENITIES!!!!... Holy CHRIST!.. the pain in my chest just magnified one thousand times. But a zombie fell. I pumped another shell into the barrel and took aim again. Scared as hell..I hesitated to pull the trigger. One more step closer and BANG! Another one fell. Pumped the shotgun, took aim and felt the pressure of a cannon ball hit me from behind. Falling forward, I felt as though I was in a dream. What had happened?

The Mossberg flew from my hands landing about 10 feet in front of me, and I hit the ground with the weight of a 200 pound flesh eating machine on my back.

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