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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 1

Ok. So here it is. My 30 day blog challenge (that I will probably stretch into at least six months). I'm gonna start with day one, because that seems like a jam up place to start. So, here it goes..

Day 01- Introduction, a recent photo, and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Well, here it is: my introduction. Most of you know me, and if you don't, click that little link over there.                                          ------------>
It will basically give you an good overview of Auntie and her likes and stuff. BUT in order to help you all, here is a recent photo:

And, here are 15 interesting (that's a relative term, by the way) facts about me:
1- I broke my arm when I was 6, and just up until recently (a year or so ago) did I find out that it was a conspiracy! My older sister KNEW the brakes on that bike didn't work, yet she gave me a push anyway.
2- I have the world's worst memory. Ever. Period.
C- I think a good sense of humor can cure the attitude of anyone. One of my favorite quotes is from good ol Bill Cosby: "If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it."
3- I drive too fast.
4- At this very moment, I have to pee.
F- During every stage of my life, I've always had just ONE person that I tell absolutely everything to (and it hasn't always been the same person).
G- The quickest way to my heart is a hopeless romantic who appreciates cheesy humor.
7- I live for random moments and useless information. I read a lot because of it.
8- People who smile all of the time confuse me.
IIIX- I wish I could speak at least 5 separate languages (Latin, being one of them).
10- I have the world's worst memory. Ever. Period.
11- I am a conservative 100%. Although, I have very open views on some things and can talk politics with the best, I just choose not to. Politics bore me, and I don't care to elaborate.
12- I use the phrase "LOL" too much, but I really mean it.
M- Spiders shouldn't exist in this world but for just a moment. There should be a black hole somewhere that opens at a specific time each day that allows all of the spiders to cross over and eat bugs, then return.
14- I sing all of the time.
15- I still say OJ may not have done it (insert groans here).

Whew! ok.. so, there ya go! Day one is OVER! Woot! I'm pooped.

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