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Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: A habit that you wished you didn't have.

This is, indeed, a touchy one. I have a specific feeling about habits and the wishing thereof.
Habits are like physical traits. I believe they all can be fixed unless it is a severe deformity (and even those can be fixed to an extent with the way medical technology has advanced).

So. Having said that, I will say that there is no reason to have a habit that you "wished you didn't have." If you wish it away so much, then do something about it, right!? Right.

But, because I have agreed to do this 30 day challenge, I will play along and follow the rules (there are rules, right?). psssh... I'll just make them up as I go along.

I have several habits (of which I will only detail a few of). Shall we embark on this journey together?

We shall.

I hate that I use "....." so much when I type. It makes me look like a nut case (or so I think). Yeah, it's cute for a while, and in my mind when I use the ellipsis I am really trying to use it correctly. Most of the time when I end a thought with it, I am leaving room for either YOU to think... or ME to think. See? <--- what I did back there? Got it? Well, that's a habit. And it's annoying, I know. But, it's me. Do I wish I didn't have it? Nah. I think it adds character to Auntie.

I do have a seriously horrible (and most would say the absolute worst) habit on the planet. I am addicted to nicotine. I could go into detail about this and try to absolve some issues with it.. but I will just leave it be. It's something I am actively aware of and in the process of fixing permanently. Plus, it's just not attractive. Women shouldn't spit. And that ring in the back of my bluejeans pocket is just tacky.

My personal habit that I wish I didn't have?... I over analyze things to an unhealthy level. It is a habit. My brain has trained itself to automatically analyze things until they are bits of particles in the environment. This is NOT a healthy habit. I can't tell you how this can ruin situations and hurt you and those around you. Yes, I am a very observant person, but most of my details are formed after the fact. I don't mind some analyzing. But, like anything else; too much can be harmful.

So, there ya go. There's a few of my habits and some bits of Auntie's opinion and sarcasm to go along with them. Day four is FINISHED!


  1. I feel ya.... I love the dots ..... I even like to say "dot" when I hit the key. Dot . Dot . Dot . Period . <----See that?

    According to "they" (it's always they or them) ...... adding pauses to your speaking and writing, makes you look more .... ummm..... educated.

  2. Really!?....... cool.......... ......more educated?.............

  3. and, just for the record... I don't dip snuff (for those of you that didn't catch the sarcasm and smart assery that I used there).

  4. "smart assery'...?

    (Ok; I'll quit bein' a smart-@$$, now!)