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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loss of words

I'm wondering what to write about. I think I may need to start one of those daily blog lists (those things that walk you through a full month of topics to blog about on certain days).

I really love to write, I just find myself at a loss most times. And, when I have nothing to write about, and am wanting to write, it usually ends up being a soap box blog (as I'm sure you've noticed by now). People don't want to be preached at. They want to be entertained. Am I right!?

So. Here's what I'm going to do: I'm gonna look for a daily blog list. If I am needing a topic to write about, then I will use the item on that list based on it's corresponding day. Should be fun. OR.. Some of you could give some topics for me to write about. I've tried this on another site, and it worked out pretty well. People gave me topics to blog about, because they wanted to know my views on certain things.

So, if you have a certain topic that you would like Auntie's view on.. please feel free to contact me with it. I will be glad to include it in a blog. Kinda like a people's choice thing.

Looking forward to the weekend. I have three cakes to make! YAY! I'll post pictures when I'm done with them.


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