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Friday, September 2, 2011

This is How I ROLL!

You know? SO much is going on in my life right now, I can't even begin to list it all. But, it's all good. I just haven't had time to sit and write a blog in a while. I, however, could NOT let this time period go by without a tribute. This weekend starts an incredible journey. A marvelous time of blood, sweat, tears and mud. Broken bones, bloody noses, snot bubbles and torn tendons. Pride, cheers, fights and bets. Grilled meat, beer, chicken wings and chips. 

ROLL TIDE, ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's time for FOOTBALL!!! That's right. Shoulder pads, helmets and cleats. I can smell the sweat in the air and boy does it smell good! So, for the next 13-15 weeks, I will return to my regular football schedule: wake on Saturday morning around 8..clean the house and wash a load of clothes...prepare the food and find my spot on the sofa around 11am. ...not to be disturbed until around 9 or 10 that night. For it is football season, people! Let's get with it. Let the pigskin fly and the other team die! 

Keep a look out this year for the Crimson Tide. Since LSU players enjoy cop car rides, their team will probably suffer this season. Let's see ol Les pull this one out! 

Tide to the Top! Whoop whoop!  

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